Inside Outside Management running Holistic Management Practitioner Courses in NSW, WA, QLD and SA

We are rolling out 8-day Holistic Management Practitioner Courses in New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland. 

This is a great opportunity to gain a deep understanding of the core principles of Allan Savory's Holistic Management. The Inside Outside Management courses have been well received in the past. Here's what a couple of our past attendees had to say.

"Inspiring Educators and course. I found the course organised and enjoyed doing 'real - life' assessment tasks based on my (Holistic) Context'. A Carter, NSW

"Fanstastic! Surprising! Challenging, enlightening and certainly not what I was expecting. I feel duped - in a positive way! Delivery was exceptional with great amounts of energy." Richard, NSW

Holistic Management and You

Holistic Management can provide a way forward with:

  • Decision making
  • Goal setting
  • Land planning
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Grazing planning



Our Training

Inside Outside Management offers training and consultation in the principles of Holistic Management including grazing and environmental management, goal setting, sustainable living, Holistic Financial Planning and decision making. We are available to deliver courses anywhere.

Our HOLISTIC MANAGEMENT PRACTITIONER COURSE is an 8-day course structured as 4 two-day sessions, 2 to 3 weeks apart allows participants to take the information home from each session and implement the learning.

In NSW, Australia our HOLISTIC MANAGEMENT PRACTITIONER COURSE is registered with the NSW Rural Assistance Authority - funding is available for eligible course participants.

In NSW we also work through TAFE, NSW Western Division delivering the world's first nationally accredited HOLISTIC MANAGEMENT DIPLOMA.  This course runs for 10 2-day sessions.

Visit our training services page for details and see our calendar for dates of forthcoming courses and sessons.
If you are interested in Holistic Management and would like to learn more - please contact us and we can see if we can work together to get a course up and running near you. 


Holistic Management Practitioner Courses
Call Brian on 0408 704 431 to enquire

Registered for funding assistance with RAA (NSW Rural Assistance Authority)
Enrolments open for courses in Wauchope (starting October 2018), the Hunter Valley (starting November 2018) and Lismore (starting February 2019) - please contact us for the full session guide.


We are registering Expressions of Interest for a course in Miles starting 2019 - please contact us for the full session guide


We are registering Expressions of Interest for a course in Perth starting early 2019 - please contact us for the full session guide



NSW TAFE Holistic Management Practitioner Diploma training

Call Brian on 0408 704 431 to enquire

Government subsidies / VET FEE-HELP available in some areas of NSW




Brian's Blog

Spring 2018

Spring has arrived with much of the Australian Eastern Seaboard experiencing a season with below average rainfall. We all need to ask ourselves how ready we are for any rain we receive, will that first light 10mm be effective in starting growth or will it just evaporate; will the hard rain from the early thunderstorm run off the ground? The key to this readiness is the condition of the soil surface. Have we managed to maintain litter cover or even if land is bare, is the surface soft and ready to receive the rain when it comes? In the lead up to the start off the growing season now is a great time to bunch animals, creating animal impact to make positive changes to the environment, especially following such a poor season. 

I am currently enjoying sharing holistic thinking at a higher level with participants of three TAFE Holistic Management Diploma / Diploma completion courses courses at Tamworth, Wootton. Holbrook, Braidwood and the Blue Mountains. 

Inside Outside Management is registered with the NSW Rural Assistance Authority for access to funding. The Holistic Management Practitioner courses at Albury and Richmond have started and we are promoting a course at Wauchope and the Hunter Valley to utilise this opportunity.

In Queensland great work is being done by NQ Dry Tropics and their grazier members to reverse the gully erosion that is having such a huge impact on the great Barrier Reef. I look forward to continuing my association with this project. WE are taking expressions of interest for a course in Miles to be run in 2019

In WA we are registering expressions of interest to run a course in Perth in 2019


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