Biomonitoring Analysis Service For Past Trainees


In conjunction with Mark Gardner of Vanguard Business Services we are offering a biomonitoring analysis service, called On Track Paddock Indicators®. We will send you the biomonitoring sheets you require and once you have completed your annual biomonitoring we will analyse and report back to you with recommendations in a good quality manual. The easy-to-read format contains graphs and tabulated figures which can be linked with figures from other properties for benchmarking e.g. for a group Landcare or Catchment Area project.


The On Track Paddock Indicators® measure 31 indicators of environmental health and have been designed to be used as part of an overall business improvement program. The indicators contain environmental measures relevant to a large range of environments and are organised into seven key functional areas (each with a number of measurements) including:


  • number of plant species
  • soil surface coverage and condition
  • age structure of the plant population
  • form of the plant species (normal to overgrazed)
  • perenniality
  • seasonality of the plant base
  • evidence of insect, small animal and bird life


Through these measurements we are able to provide practical measurements of biodiversity and ecosystem function and to examine trends over time. We are particularly focused on pastures (native and improved).


The cost of this service is $150.00 per year.