Holistic Management Training - TAFE

2018 Courses:


Wootton, NSW (TAFE DIPLOMA including TAFE DIPLOMA COMPLETION - Sessions 6-10): Session 1 April 5-6, Session 2 May 8-9, Session 3 June 5-6, Session 4 July 3-4, Session 5 August 14-15, Session 6 August 28-29, Session 7 September 25-26, Session 8 November 20-21, Session 9 January 22-23, Session 10 March 19-20, Session 11 June 25-26, Session 12 September 24-25

Holbrook, NSW (TAFE DIPLOMA COMPLETION): Session 1 May 22-23, Session 2 June 21-22, Session 3 August 21-22, Session 4 October 25-26, Session 5 December 11-12, Session 6 October 25,26, Session 7 February 5-6, Session 8 April 9-10

Braidwood, NSW  (TAFE DIPLOMA): Session 1 May 29-30, Session 2 June 13-14, Session 3 August 8-9, Session 4 September 13-14, Session 5 October 18-19, Session 6 November 13-14, Session 7 December 4-5, Session 8 January 14-15 Session 9 March 12-13. Session 10 May 14-15

Holistic Management Training through TAFE Western Institute.

For residents of New South Wales, Inside Outside Management offers Holistic Management training through  TAFE Western Institute at venues throughout the State.


Diploma in Holistic Management

TAFE NSW is offering a nationally recognised Diploma in Holistic Management

The Accredited Course in Holistic Management is course number 10428. 

The Diploma of Holistic Management - Sustainable Rural Lands, Business and Communities comprises 10 units (4 core units and 6 elective units)

Course units include:


NSWTHOL501A: Develop and use a holistic context

NSWTHOL502A: Develop a holistic business management plan

NSWTHOL503A: Manage ecosystem processes

NSWTHMS502A: Develop a holistic financial plan

NSWTHMS503A: Develop a holistic grazing plan




NSWTHOL504A: Develop holistically sound policies and /or projects



NSWTHMS404A: Implement a holistic financial plan

AHCORG504A: Develop and manage a community based market supply chain




NSWTHOL508A: Manage livestock nutrition holistically

NSWTHMS503A: Develop a holistic grazing plan

NSWTHMS403A: Implement a holistic grazing plan



NSWTHMS405A: Monitor land holistically

NSWTHOL510A: Develop a holistic land plan


TAFE students will receive a copy and a 15 cd set audio of the text book - "Allan Savory's "Holistic Management - a New Framework for Making Decisions", the Holistic Management handbook, financial and grazing planning resources, a training manual, morning teas and a great time! Participant numbers will not exceed 20 people.