Holistic Management® Training




Current courses

Albury, NSW: Session 1 January 21-22, Session 2 February 18-19, Zoom Tutorials, Session 3 June 17-18, Session 4 July 13-14

Bellingen, NSW:  Session 1 February 26-27, Zoom Tutorials, Session 2 July 7-8, Session 3 July 21-22, Session 4 September 1-2 (Dates to Be confirmed once covid-19 restrictions are lifted). 


Taking Enrolments

Lismore, NSW:  Session 1 July 30-31, Session 2 August 27-28 , Session 3 October 15-16, Session 4 November 12-13 Taking Enrolments

Taking Expressions of Interest

Bathurst, NSW: Session 1 September 15-16, Session 2 October 27-28, Session 3 November 24-25, Session 4 December 8-9 Taking EOI

Bega, NSW: Session 1 November 3-4, Session 2 November 30 - December 1-2, Session 3 2021 January 19-20, Session 4 February 2021 16-17 Taking EOI

Murwillumbah, NSW: Session 1 July 28-29, Session 2 August 25-26, Session 3 October 13-14  Session 4 November 10-11 Taking EOI

Goulburn Broken Catchment

This project is supported by Goulburn Broken CMA through funding from the Australia Government’s National Landcare Program. Funding for eligible participants. 

Current courses

Yarck, VIC: Session 1 March 17-18, Zoom tutorials, Session 2 July 16-17, Session 3 August 13-14, Session 4 September 10-11 (Dates to Be confirmed once covid-19 restrictions are lifted). 

Koyuga, VIC: Session 1 August 11-12, Session 2 September 8-9, Session 3 October 6-7, Session 4 November 17-18 Taking Enrolments 



Taking Expressions of Interest

Northam - Muresk Institute : Session 1 August 18-19, Session 2 September 22-23, Session 3 October 20-21, Session 4 January 12-13. Dates to Be confirmed once a covid-19 transit permit has been authorised.
Taking EOI by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by following the links on the Muresk Institute Holistic Management Course page



This course is an eight-day course, consisting of four modules of two days, each 4-7 weeks apart. 


Session 1:


Session 2:


Session 3:

 Holistic Grazing Planning®

This procedure which has been adapted from the Sandhurst Military Academy.  Learn how to get your animals to the right place at the right time for the right reasons.  Understand how animals can be used as tools to increase biodiversity and long term profitability. Discover how to monitor grass growth to give plants maximum chance to achieve their potential, and to accurately estimate standing feed to budget your stock requirement.

 Early warning biological monitoring

Read the soil surface to obtain the earliest indication that you may be straying off course. Learn how to set up monitoring and photographic sites.


Session 4: 

 Holistic Financial Planning - wealth generation

Plan your profits

 Holistic Land Planning

A process that will help you create the lives you want from the land, far into the future.


The cost of the eight days of training includes the text book - Allan Savory’s “Holistic Management - a New Framework for Making Decisions”, the Holistic Management handbook, financial and grazing planning resources, morning teas and a great time! Participant numbers will not exceed 25 people.


Holistic Management® is a registered trademark of Holistic Management International and has been used by permission.