Inside Outside Management offers training in the principles of Holistic Management. We are passionate about what Holistic Management can help you achieve for yourself, your business and your land.

Holistic Management is a decision-making framework that ensures our decisions are economically, environmentally and socially sound and enables you to develop a clear vision of the future you want.

Holistic Management and You

Holistic Management can provide a way forward with:

  • Decision making
  • Goal setting
  • Land planning
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Grazing planning

Our Training

Inside Outside Management offers training in the principles of Holistic Management including grazing and environmental management, goal setting, Holistic Financial Planning and decision making. We are available to deliver courses anywhere. In Australia we can access funding through the CMA’s and other Government bodies.

In NSW, Australia we deliver Holistic Management training in partnership with TAFE, NSW Western Division. Graduates receive a National Accreditation in Holistic Management. We can run these courses in a venue that suits you. This is a fantastic opportunity for New South Wales residents. Read the TAFE Holistic Management training brochure.


Visit our training services page for details and see our calendar for dates of forthcoming courses.


Brian's Blog


The new year brings a great range of opportunities to share Holistic thinking with people. Thanks to the continued support of TAFE Western we will be providing certified Holistic Management training at Diploma level to groups in Bega, The Hunter and the Northern Rivers area around Byron Bay. We will also be providing Holistic Management training through TAFE Western for oyster producers on the NSW South Coast. This training will focus on the decision making and financial components of Holistic Management. In Apriil we will be running a week-long intensive programme for interns for Permaculture Business World. Again, my thanks and acknowledgement to TAFE Western for providing the only nationally accredited Holistic Management units on the planet and securing major Government subsidies to make this knowledge affordable.

Following on from the successful grazing school  in 2013 in WA I am initiating two full practitioner courses in the area. We are currently negotiating with the Mary Burnett Catchment to run a full Holistic Management course auspiced by TAFE Western NSW.

My thanks to the various CMA's, Landcare organisations, Soils for Life, Heenan Doherty, RegenAg and Permaculture organisations whom we have enjoyed working with over the last year and look forward to sharing thoughts and ideas in the coming months.

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Helen's Happenings


Looking forward to welcoming Darren Doherty from Regrarians to Warwick in May for a 3-day Land Planning course. Happening's articles. Read more about Helen and Inside Outside Management.

Things have been really dry here and we've slowed down the cattle moves, taking full advantage of all the animal impact the animals can give us so when it finally does rain we can get maximum benefit from every drop.


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