Inside Outside Management offers training in the principles of Holistic Management. We are passionate about what Holistic Management can help you achieve for yourself, your business and your land.

Holistic Management is a decision-making framework that ensures our decisions are economically, environmentally and socially sound and enables you to develop a clear vision of the future you want.


Holistic Management and You

Holistic Management can provide a way forward with:

  • Decision making
  • Goal setting
  • Land planning
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Grazing planning


Our Training

Inside Outside Management offers training in the principles of Holistic Management including grazing and environmental management, goal setting, Holistic Financial Planning and decision making. We are available to deliver courses anywhere. In Australia we can access funding through the CMA’s and other Government bodies.

In NSW, Australia we deliver Holistic Management training in partnership with TAFE, NSW Western Division. Graduates receive a National Accreditation in Holistic Management. We can run these courses in a venue that suits you. This is a fantastic opportunity for New South Wales residents. Read the TAFE Holistic Management training brochure.


Visit our training services page for details and see our calendar for dates of forthcoming courses.

Brian's Blog

Winter 2014

Through the wonderful support of TAFE Western in Dubbo we continue to supply the world's only Nationally accredited Holistic Management course. This amazing opportunity also comes with fantastic subsidised funding opportunities for those lucky enough to reside in New South Wales.


Providing Holistic Management training through the South Coast Oyster Farmers group to some of the country's best oyster farmers has been a great learning opportunity for us as we discover all of the principles that underpin Holistic Management with its history in the arid savannahs of Africa are just as applicable to the aquatic farms of coastal New South Wales. 


I'm looking forward to working with participants of our first Holistic Management course in Adelaide, South Australia and discovering how Holistic Management can help landholders  become more confident with managing their resources. 

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Helen's Happenings

Winter 2014

Working with Darren Doherty (Regrarians) has shown me how exciting the potential of my land is. Our 3-day Regrarians / Holistic Management collaborative workshop  in Warwick, QLD left us all with a step-by-step process to ensure the most important changes are made first.


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